Bangui was relatively calm yesterday (Monday) after days of fighting involving former Seleka rebels. 
Nearly 400 people were killed in three days, although the numbers of victims are still rising quickly.
The armed men who spread terror on the streets were still around in Bangui though, while the French military were settling and organising a process of disarmament.

On the ground, NGOs now struggle to try to bring help and rescue to hundreds of thousands of displaces people. 

You will be able to know more by listening to my interview with Mark Kaye, coordinator for Save the Children in the C.A.R., in Bangui, tomorrow morning on RFI English. Check it here for live feed:



Dieudonné Nzapalainga, archbishop of Bangui, believe it is high time the fighters are told they cannot all hope to become actual military and officially joign the future national army : 

"Security is now in the hands of the French military and MISCA. I believe Seleka members must now lay down their weapons and go back to their barrack buildings.Those who have the capacity to become members of the military, if they really have the right skills, they will be able to join the national army.But those who have not the capacity, we will help them to find another orientation and an useful occupation, useful for the whole society. They can not all be in the  military and we have to let them know to avoid any disappointment".


The original interview in French here:

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