Saint Levant - 'Deira' - ft. MC Abdul


Thanks Lilia, for posting this. 

Such a fan of MC Abdul already. A great featuring, a powerful song

“Deira” written and performed by Saint Levant & Khalil Cherradi Guitar by Hakim Rouidi; violin by Moez Bouali; keys by Buddy Caderni; percussion by Mehdi Ryan; backing vocals by Zeyne

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Resisting through arts and writing, the women's way

While the world is crumbling, I want to focus for a few minutes on creativity, womanhood and resistance, as we're about the celebrate International Women's Day.

1 March 2024

Dear readers,

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I have been in Senegal since 23 February, for the first time in ten years.

Before I dedicate a post to the deep issues I explored, a follow-up on my last post, between Paris, Bristol and London, pursuing a thread with wonderful creative people offering answers and insight while conflicts take my attention way to much.

We’re now in March, and for years 8 March has been an important date for me, known as International Women’s Day, for many reasons…

Here are some recommendations and highlights.

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500 Years of Black British Music


Beyond the Bassline: 500 Years of Black British Music

26 April–26 August 2024 

British Library

Journey through an ever-evolving and ever-expanding history of Black music in the UK with our latest major exhibition, the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

For centuries, Black communities have created music in the UK, melding global influences into a Black British sound that has echoed through generations.

Beyond the Bassline at the British Library, the first major exhibition of its kind anywhere in the world, is about more than music. It’s about the places where these sounds were born: the clubs, the carnivals, the stages, the kerbside auditoriums. It is the voice of community, resistance, culture and joy. 

It is a celebration of the trailblazers and innovators that brought new music to the UK, and the layered Black experiences that have birthed a thriving musical culture and history.


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Senegal's election crisis • RFI English


In Senegal, the dates of 2 June emerged again for the presidential election from the second day of the national dialogue, ended on Tuesday night. 

These were held as part of talks initiated by President Macky Sall but largely boycotted by the opposition.

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SENEGAL Update : Dakar's Cheikh Anta Diop University slowly reopens


Reporting from #dakar, at Cheikh Anta Diop University on 26 Feb. 2024, as it slowly reopens #senegal

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Dakar: One more productive day


Great day (for me at least) here in Dakar, visiting art galleries, then interviewing an economist and young people receiving great training, full of hope for their future inside Senegal. 

More on all this soon.


Senegal: New date? July elections?

Senegal's President Macky Sall on Monday announced his intention to set the presidential election around the month of July, during talks to set the new date for the polls he deferred ealier this month, sparking deadly turmoil. 

He also announced a general amnesty for political protests since 2021.


More soon.


Senegal: Summary of recent events, live


SENEGAL: Summary of the recent events, here in Dakar. This Sunday was supposed to be the first round of a key presidential election. Instead, this happen:

Senegal: More protests, no election date, no vote today

Hundreds of Senegalese demonstrated in Dakar on Saturday following the postponement of the presidential election, originally slated for 25 February. 

RFI's Melissa Chemam reports from a working-class area of the capital, where the F24 opposition grouping organised their rally:



First insight from Senegal

Welcome to Dakar, Senegal!

On Thursday night, the president Macky Sall expressed himself. He spoke to journalists on television and online, but he didn't announce a new election date. Instead, he invited the opposition to join a dialogue on Monday and Tuesday.
Most candidates, opponents and representatives from the civil society have refused to extend the dialogue and ask for a new calendar for this election.
Groups are now protesting all over the weekend.

The main deadline is around the end of the mandate of Macky Sall.
We should know the new date for the election probably next Tuesday.

But in the meantime, a lot of organisations are calling for the government to not forget that a lot of issues remain unanswered.
Young people here that I've been able to meet in schools and universities are worried about unemployment, the difficulty to find jobs, and the slowness of the economy.
Tourism, for instance, has been at a standstill.

What are people thinking about? This slowness, these delays, these political worries?
I've asked some of the experts to share their insight with us.

More soon, on RFI English, and our YouTube channel.