BBC Radio Bristol

I was lucky enough to be Laura Rawlings’ guest on BBC Radio Bristol this morning to talk about my book on the city and Massive Attack. 

Laura was delightfully welcoming and very appreciative of my "Frenchness"  , unlike some others...

We talked about the links between Bristol and the rest of the world the band managed to create and why I think they reinvented the way to produce music like not others...

I'm the first guest, just after the second song, relevantly 'Unfinished Sympathy'!

You can listen (again) here:



It's always a pleasure to talk to a lovely Laura, as it is the name my mother dreamt to give me, even years before I was conceived... My father changed it at the very last minute, after my birth, into "Melissa" (honeybee in ancient greek). Inspired by his boss who had studied in America. And there he put me on a path, I guess...


Thank you Laura Rawlings!! 


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