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Massive Attack - 'Blue Lines' - from Blue Lines (1991)


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The first masterpiece of what was only termed trip-hop much later, 'Blue Lines,' filtered American hip-hop through the lens of British club culture, a stylish, nocturnal sense of scene that encompassed music from rare groove to dub to dance.

For some members of this generation – music would never be the same again.
We are delighted to welcome to MELISSA CHEMAM from Paris, France to The CAT Club. Melissa is the author of the new biography of the band, ‘OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE’ (to be published before the end of the year).
The book is built around a long series of interviews with Robert Del Naja (known as 3D), other Massive Attack members as well as many other musicians and artists, who worked with Massive Attack or see them arise. These include Mark Stewart, Tricky, street artist Inkie, Neil Davidge, Sean Cook, and members of the bands Alpha and Portishead, among others.
Melissa is a French journalist and author who has worked for France 24, the BBC World Service and Radio France Internationale, as well as many magazines, and for the filmmaker Raoul Peck. Since 2003, she has been based in Prague, Paris, Miami, then in London, Nairobi and Bangui, travelling into more than 40 countries. And now she’s gonna be in Pontefract – can’t wait!
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