Massive Attack 2018 summer tour

Massive Attack published this statement today on their Instagram account, regarding their summer tour in this year 2018:

Firstly, a huge thank-you to everyone who came out to see us this summer.

We’d like to explain the two cancelled shows this summer.

Our guitarist Angelo was taken into hospital seriously ill whilst traveling to Les Argeles. We had no choice but to cancel the show. Luckily, our friend Alex was available to help out on guitar. 

We hastily booked a rehearsal space in Valencia to get Alex up to speed so we could continue the tour and be ready for Mad Cool Festival. We got to Madrid confident and excited for the show. 

To our total disappointment - as we prepared to go on in the specially arranged tent, the main stage kicked in with 98db registering on our meter. This was even before we put our In Ear Monitor systems in and turned on our mics for the first song. That level was now amplified much louder in our ears. It’s like trying to listen to two radio stations at full volume simultaneously. And trying to work out which bit is you. 

We always want to attempt to deliver a good show and this would’ve made it impossible for us to do that. To walk away from all of those people in that tent was not easy. It was horrible and we felt like shit. Especially when we couldn’t communicate the situation with you all. It was the worst end to a crap week.

Yours truly, 
Robert and Grant.

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