Hello people, here in Paris, it's 'La Rentrée'. September is always a new beginning, almost the real New Year's month, like in Ethiopia...

Personally, for me, July and August 2015 have been two of the most beautiful months of my life, travelling in Europe, from Bristol to Naples, and spending happy days in Paris, mostly writing. Paradise and my dream life. Or maybe it's just me being really happy this year.

I wish this summer could never end...

But September has always been one of my favourite months, transitional, still carrying three weeks of summer softness but already bringing an inch of melancholy entailed in the coming Autumn.

In Naples' MADRE museum:

It has a particular feel, nourished by many memories.

Paris, 1997 and 2002.
Prague, 2003.
Nairobi, 2010.
London, 2011.
Mexico DF, 2012.

Just a few of them...


September 2015, welcome.

Paris, thank you for this softness:

Bristol, see you soon.

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