France, a new era of uncertainty arises

So you've seen the results.

Emmanuel Macron is elected with over 65 per cent of the vote.


-The National Front is at the highest... in its history. Around 35 per cent.
To a point that was not even imaginable a few years ago.

-Abstention is really high. 26 per cent. At the highest level for a second round of a presidential election since 1969. Same for the "vote blanc", blanked vote: about 4 millions.

-A lot of people have again been unable to vote because of administrative issues.


A few estimations in The Guardian:

Some interesting numbers from Mathieu Gallard of pollsters Ipsos:
About 43% of Macron’s voters cast their ballot for him to keep out Le Pen; only 39% of voters would like the new president to have an absolute majority in the new parliament after legislative elections next month;taking into account abstainers and spoiled ballots, roughly 44% of people on the electoral role voted for Macron – similar to De Gaulle in 1965 (45%), Mitterrand in 1981 (43%) and 1988 (44%) and Sarkozy 2007 (43%).
The parliamentary majority figure shows how hard the new president is going to have to work to get his programme implemented. 


Emmanuel Macron should come to power by the end of the week and choose a Prime Minister. Before the Parliamentary elections.

I'll be commenting on the results on the Canadia national radio, CBC, from noon Paris time, in their morning programmes. And before that, I'll be gathering reactions in the neighborhood of Chateau Rouge, Paris 18e, for the German national radio, Deutsche Welle.

More on my Twitter account: https://twitter.com/melissachemam

Even for me, this becomes to be too much politics...

Next step: United Kingdom late May.

Before the French Parliamentary elections in June.

Wish me luck.

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