From Kingston to Bristol!

Ahead of my talk on Sunday about the influences of Caribbean musics in England, here is a little taste in sounds!

I'll be in the bookstore in the cultural centre of the north east of Paris named Le Centquatre (or 104) - where Tricky was in residence for two years!

My guest: Marjorie Hache, music journalist and radio producer for Ouï FM (Paris rock radio), and Jeremie Kroubo Dagnigni, University researcher specialised on the musics from Jamaica.

Now, let's listen to an introduction...


'Man Next Door'

From Kingston...

Horace Andy - Man Next Door (Quiet Place)

... to Bristol!

Massive Attack - 'Man Next Door' - featuring Horace Andy

Some callout a "cover". I would describe it as a complete reinvention!


Even more particular transformation is the use of part of these lyrics from :

Horace Andy - 'You're My Angel'

On this song:

Massive Attack - 'Angel'


Just adding one more unforgettable song:

Massive Attack - 'One Love'


See you on Sunday!

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