1998-2018: Banksy's 20 year anniversary

In 1998, another Bristolian artist had his major breakthrough. 

After Damien Hirst, launched as one of the key actors of the Young British Artists movement by Charles Saatchi, after Massive Attack's massive success with Mezzanine...

 Banksy made a wider name for himself with this large piece of graffiti, created with his sidekick Inkie, at the Glastonbury Festival in July 1998... 

Here is "Silent Majority": 

Different views:

This piece, painted on a friend's truck, was finally sold for more than £ 445. 000 in Paris in 2015...

Since 1998, Banksy left Bristol for London and went global, especially from 2000 to 2006, having a predilection for murals in New York and in Palestine.

He regularly comes back to his hometown.


More in my book...

Happy 20-year fun, Mr Banksy. 

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