Remembering 2003: Historical anti-war protest in London

A key moment in the history I retell with my book, a story of anti-establishment and enlightened artists.

You'll be able to read more in the 10th chapter of my book, Out of the Comfort Zone, which release was delayed unfortunately until September 2018.

In London, British people and foreigners demonstrated against the start of the war in Iraq, in February 2003. Many came from Bristol.

The war broke however. And we can see where it took us...

Listen and hear how it is still relevant for today! How it all led us to where we are now, with enflamed regions in the Middle-East and war-going leaders in the West.

Historical anti-war protest in London: 15 February 2003

Two million protested against war in Iraq in London on February 15, 2003, amid global demonstrations comprising the biggest protest event in world history. As Channel 4 News reported, the war was "historically unpopular" and the "mother of all focus groups" had descended on London to bring that fact home to Tony Blair.

London Peace March 2003 - Tariq Ali, Tony Benn, George Monbiot, Alan Cox, John Pilger

Thousands of anti-war protesters have marched through London in a demonstration against the military air strikes on Afghanistan. The CND-led march from Marble Arch to Trafalgar Square reflected growing concern in some quarters over the US-led bombardment, Police said about 20,000 people had taken part in Saturday's demonstration, which followed the sixth night of US air strikes. BBC say at least 750,000.

Anti-War Protest (2003)

Anti-war rally outside parliament attended by members of ruling party. Among them attending were Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz, etc.) and Robert Del Naja (Massive Attack).

Damon Albarn on Tony Blair

From the interview talking about 'We Are Many' the documentary made about the 3 million strong march and demonstration in London against the second Gulf War in March 2003.  
Credit goes to Channel 4 News who made this broadcast and uploaded to You Tube.

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