April 1998 - April 2018

There we are, April. 
In two weeks, the key album of the history of Bristol's recent music scene, Massive Attack's Mezzanine will turn 20 years old. 
Initially, last summer, the band was planning a few events to celebrate and my book should have been out in English around that time. 
Yet... Bristol and especially this band wouldn't be Bristol if there was not any delay, turn around, second thoughts and last minute desire for further perfectionism... Just as it happened in the making of the album itself!
In July 1997, the band therefore released an E.P. featuring a first extract from the coming record, 'Risingson', to please fans and their label. 
Here is the B-side, a song sampling a part of Siouxsie and the Banshees' 'Metal Postcard':

Massive Attack - 'Superpredators'

And the original, as a bonus:

Siouxsie & The Banshees - 'Metal Postcard'

'Risingson' and its very telling video...


The whole story soon:

Massive Attack: Out Of The Comfort Zone 

Paperback – September 3, 2018

This book is dedicated to the history of the band Massive Attack and to their relationship with their home town of Bristol, a city built on the wealth generated by the slave trade. 

As a port Bristol was also an arrival point for immigrants to the UK, most notably the Windrush generation from the Caribbean in the 1950s. 

Author Melissa Chemam's in-depth study of the influences that led to the formation of the Wild Bunch and then Massive Attack looks into Bristol's past to explore how the city helped shape one of the most successful and innovative musical movements of the last 30 years. 

Based on interviews with Robert (3D) del Naja and others, the book examines the inner tensions between the founding members of Massive Attack - 3D, Daddy G and Mushroom - their influences, collaborations and politics and the way in which they opened the door for other Bristol musicians and artists including Banksy. 

The book is published under licence from Anne Carriere in France by Tangent Books. 
Its French title is En Dehors De La Zone De Confort - De Massive Attack A Banksy €

About the Author

Melissa Chemam is a French journalist and author who has worked for France 24, the BBC World Service and Radio France International, as well as many magazines, and for the filmmaker Raoul Peck. Since 2003, she has been based in Prague, Paris, Miami, then in London, Nairobi and Bangui, travelling into more than 40 countries.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

“Suddenly, Massive Attack are happening”, writes Miranda Sawyer in Q Magazine in March 1991. “A silver album! That ‘all-important’ critical acclaim! Even seminal world rockers U2 want to meet them!”… From the caves of Bristol’s underground and forbidden parties, the non-musicians will emerge worldwide in only a few months…

From 1989, the work that Massive Attack’s three core members have started take a more definite shape, and it becomes clear for Cameron McVey and Jonny Dollar that an album is on its way, and not an ordinary album. Produced without a definite plan in mind, their art, which creates after “cutting and pasting” from an extraordinary playlist of references, seems to work magically, just like 3D’s art of collage at the time…


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