THYLACINE - 'War Dance'

Must-watch video.

Thylacine is a French musician, saxophonist and electronic music crafter who has been greatly inspired by some of my Bristolian friends...

Here is his last video, directed by Cyprien Clément-Delmas, inspired by the situation in Ukraine.
Thylacine has worked in Russia, looking for sounds and stories to create some of his albums, especially in Siberia, where he met with traditional shamans.

Deeply disturbing and very moving at the same time, this "dance" is a call to end these ravaging ongoing conflicts that affect millions of lives everyday.

THYLACINE - 'War Dance' (Official Video)


En français :

Thylacine nait en 2012 lorsque William Rezé jusqu’alors saxophoniste dans différents groupes mais à la recherche d’une plus grande liberté de composition passe à la musique électronique. Puisant dans des influences tel Massive Attack, Four tet ou Moderat, il déploie une musique puissante à la fois entrainante et émotionnelle.

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