"In the Land of My Ancestors"

Trailer for "In the Land of My Ancestors", a documentary exposing how the culture of Native Americans survived in North America and what Americans can today learn from its depth and beauty.

I'm currently working on topics that are very close.

Looking forward to seeing the whole film!!

"In the Land of My Ancestors": Official Trailer

"In the Land of My Ancestors" celebrates the living legacy of Ann Marie Sayers, an indigenous Ohlone elder. Ohlone people are not federally recognized as indigenous nations in the San Francisco Bay Area. This documentary short reveals the resilience and tenacity of Ann Marie as she reclaims her ancestral land, culture and spirituality in the face of a dehumanization narrative that erases the stories and histories of the First Peoples of the San Francisco Bay Area. This film is produced by photojournalist, Rucha Chitnis, with the brilliant cinematography of Jason Taylor of the Source Project.


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