About 'Ellis'

Lazarides Rathbone are proud to be hosting the UK premiere of Ellis, a short film directed by JR.
Ellis Island was once the gateway to the United States for millions of immigrants. Leaving their past behind them, immigrants fleeing poverty, discrimination, and dictatorship arrived there to be processed until approved or denied access to a new land of opportunity. Huge numbers of these were placed in the island's hospital due to sickness or exhaustion, a purgatory of sorts in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, where thousands of men, women and children awaited their fate.
Ellis tells the forgotten story of these immigrants who built America, while raising questions and consciousness of those who currently seek the same opportunities and safety in this country and other parts of the world.
Starring Robert De Niro and scripted by Academy Award winning writer Eric Roth, the film was directed by JR, whose 'Unframed' series of art installations in the abandoned Hospital complex serve as the set for this powerful and timely film, the trailer for which is below.
Ellis will be screened throughout the duration of Crossing – JR's solo exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone – from 16th October to 12th November 2015.

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