Blue Moon

Erté or Romain de Tirtoff. 

Reading about art and astrology... Some my favourite topics! As is coming a full moon in Aquarius, my favourite sign with Pisces and my rising sign + Moon sign + South Node... It was also my father's Sun sign. 

And the sign of change, revolution, detours, truth, humanitarianism, fight for equality, coming of the unexpected, justice, humanity ... But Aquarians are also loners, sometimes, more able to love "the people" as a whole than a single lonely soul in real everyday life... 

No Commitment and self sacrifice are Aquarians' motto. 

But, with this "Blue Moon", as it is called by some, on August 7th, it seems to be time to let go of that and integrate the elements of Aquarius' opposite, Leo, in which the Sun is currently travelling... 
Leo = sunlight, joy, living from the heart, fire energy, self love, success, putting yourself out there...

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