Young Fathers VS Scottish National Portrait Gallery

This tells so much... in such a intense form and capture of time, space, voice.
Made me shiver. Could share it a million times.

Life, history, life after death and devastation. Reborn, we can be. And will be. Sons and daughters of  those whose lives were declared meaningless enough to be used as tools. We carry their sufferance in our DNA, in our unspoken sadness, eternal, permanent, through and along with the light and joy we feel much stronger, for them to feel it too... through us.


Young Fathers | Scottish National Portrait Gallery | Van Dyck: A Masterpiece for Everyone


Words by Tim Brinkhurst & Kayus Bankole, spoken by Alloysious Massaquoi...

Published on 27 Jul 2017

Music & concept by Young Fathers.
Additional footage by G Hastings.
Words by Tim Brinkhurst & Kayus Bankole, spoken by Alloysious Massaquoi.
Produced by Black Barn Media Ltd

Looking Good: the Male Gaze from Van Dyck to Lucian Freud
Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh
24th June – 1st October 2017
Scottish National Portrait Gallery in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery

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