From Giles Duley to PJ Harvey

Listening to this interview:
In 'Sunday Morning With...' on BBC Scotland:
After becoming disillusioned with the celebrity scene, Giles Duley turned his back on rock and fashion photography and turned his skill towards capturing the plight of those affected by war and poverty. However, while working in Afghanistan in 2011, Giles' life changed forever when he stood on a landmine. He lost both his lower legs and his left arm. He talks to Ricky about his life and his latest collection of refugee photographs, 'I Can Only Tell You What My Eyes See'.
Listen here:

Ending on that choice of song:

PJ Harvey - 'A Place Called Home'

A song I love deeply from an album that is very special to me (Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea).


Lyrics, as always:

"A Place Called Home"

One day
I know
We'll find
A place of hope
Just hold on to me
Just hold on to me
Walk tight
One line
You're wanted
This time
There's no-one to blame
Just hold on to me

And I'm right on time
And the birds keep singing
And you're right on line
And the bells keep ringing
 come on my love
And the battle is won
And the planes keep winging
And I'm right on time
And the girl keeps singing

I walk
I wade
Through full lands
And lonely
I stumble
I stumble
With you
I wait
To be born
With love comes the day
Just hold on to me

Now is the time to follow through, to read the signs
Now the message is sent, let's bring it to it's final end


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