Gibellina in the art news


Alberto Burri’s Land Art Project Realized: 

After 30 years, Alberto Burri’s ambitious land art project, “Grande Cretto,” is finally complete and open to the public. The piece is a memorial for the Sicilian town of Gibellina, which fell to an earthquake in 1968. Burri’s piece covers the ruins in white concrete, with furrows along the lines of the original street plan. The artist, who died in 1993, ceased construction after four years, in 1989, and had completed 6,000 of the planned 8,000 square feet. To celebrate the piece’s full form, Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja and Italian artist Giancarlo Neri have collaborated on a supplementary light and sound installation titled “AUDIOGHOST 68,” consisting of portable radios placed within the piece. Meanwhile, Burri continues to have quite the moment: earlier last week, the artist’s work made a splash at Sotheby’s and Christie’s, as boosted by his ongoing Guggenheim retrospective.


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