About Keziah Jones and Lagos

This musician is one of my heroes. He is talented, joyful, committed and he believes! He believes in change, in social change, in changing ourselves constantly to become better people, a better people, all together, as the human race...

I was lucky enough to get invited to see his performance in Marseilles, late May, when he talked about his homeland, in Nigeria, its culture and of course of Fela Kuti, the mentor and magician of Afro Beat.

Keziah Jones In Marseilles,
Pictures by myself, On May 26th

Today he wrote this very important post about his area and is happy for me to share it here.

Thank you, gifted person!!

In 1977 When #felakuti sealed off the compound of his house in lagos with an electrified barbed wire fence and declared it to be a republic separate and distinct from the federal republic of Nigeria which it was in,he must have known it to be a far sighted and prescient move

Most houses in lagos already function as #ministates of their own they provide their own water through boreholes their own electricity through generators and their own security through "maiguards"

They even have their own steady supply of cheap manual labour through the "employment" of house boys and house girls from the villages who come to lagos looking for opportunity 

We at lagos underground wish to take this idea to its logical extreme and declare each individual or group of individuals to be a separate state

Citizens living in the false african nation states created by the western powers after the second world war are the ones who will bear the costs of the drastic changes in the #climate and are also the least capable of providing collective national solutions to the problem.

without a true notion of nationhood the individual or groups of like minded individuals must declare themselves autonomous #selfsufficient republics just as in the courageous example provided by Fela 

#organicityfarming#temporaryautonomouszone #hakimbey

A piece of land in Lagos, by Keziah Jones himself


Spread the word!!

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