'BLOOD MONSTER': Bristol's song for Stop The War Coalition

Great news from Bristol.
A wonderful group of musicians are working on a single written to help Stop The War Coalition. Named 'Blood Monster', it will be released soon through a video currently in the making...
Here are the details.



'BLOOD MONSTER' is a music and video project in aid of Stop The War Coalition, Britain's largest and most active anti-war organisation. The aim is to raise funds and spread awareness of STW and its many campaigns. 


 'Blood Monster' is an song written and performed by Canadian singer-songwriter Jimmy Goodrich, who has been based in Bristol since 2003. 

The lyrics are a comment on "the primal nature of war, personified in the figure of the 'blood monster', who may be viewed as an avatar of institutionalised violence, greed, and state coercion," according to Jimmy. 

The work brings together some of Britain's most talented musicians, filmmakers and visual artists including: Adrian Utley, guitarist and founding member of the Bristol band Portishead; Clive Deamer, drummer (with Portishead, Radiohead, Robert Plant and many others); and many other musicians from Bristol (Jim Barr, Stew Jackson) and beyond (Kate Stables and Jimmy Goodrich, who is originally from Montreal).


The video for 'Blood Monster' was written and directed by Goodrich, with Bristol filmmaker Albion Maynard. Filmed in and around Bristol, it features Julian Landau, lead singer of local legends Zen Hussies, "as a suit-wearing, briefcase-brandishing 'man in black', travelling door to door through suburbia, hypnotising ordinary people into a frenzy of hatred, division, and violence," according to Jimmy. "The film plays out as a nightmare, with the action serving as a metaphor for state and corporate coercion, be it the rise of right-wing conservatism, warmongering, populism, fascism, etc.," Jimmy adds. 


The track is currently under production and will be fully recorded, mixed and mastered by this summer 2017. It will be released soon after with a video that I'll share here, obviously.

More soon!


More about Stop The War Coalition:

Stop the War was founded in September 2001 in the weeks following 9/11, when George W. Bush announced the "war on terror". Stop the War has since been dedicated to preventing and ending the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere.
Stop the War opposes the British establishment's disastrous addiction to war and its squandering of public resources on militarism. We have initiated many campaigns around these issues.
We are committed to supporting Palestinian rights, opposing racism and Islamophobia, and to the defence of civil liberties.
Stop the War has organised around 40 national demonstrations, including the largest protests ever held in Britain, most memorably on 15 February 2003, when up to two million gathered on London's streets to oppose the Iraq war . 
In 2013, Stop the War was central in mobilising opposition to UK bombing of Syria, as proposed by David Cameron's government. This led to the historic decision in parliament when MPs voted against military intervention.
Other events which Stop the War has organised are thousands of public meetings across the country, direct action in the run up to UK wars – including walkouts from schools, colleges and workplaces – two People's Assemblies, international peace conferences, vigils, lobbies of Parliament and anti-war cultural events.
Individuals can become members of Stop the War, and we welcome affiliations by supporting organisations and trade unions. Members and affiliates must support the aims of Stop the War as set out in our constitution.



'Blood Monster' 
(©2016, Jimmy Goodrich) 

Blood monster 
Drag your blade 
Across the land

Blood monster 
Where are you going? 
Your eyes are red 
Your fangs are showing 

Blood monster 
Oh Bringer of fire
All the bloodshed in this world 
Can never slake your dark desire 

Now every trace of love 
Has disappeared 
Erased by hate 
Replaced by fear
And the blood monster 
Draws ever near 
To drown the world in fire and tears

You beat the drums
And place your bets on either side
Blood monster
you feed on the young
you set their anger running wild 

Your hunger for oil and gold 
Is never sated or satisfied
Your heart's grown old and cold 
And yet you don't lay down and die

Now every trace of love
Has disappeared 
Erased by hate
Replaced by fear 
And the blood monster draws ever near
To bathe the world in fire and tears


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