Ahead of June 20, World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day 2017

20 June marks World Refugee Day. 

One day for millions of people forced to leave their country...


On this day, the UNHCR remembers the over 65 million refugees and displaced persons around the world. We acknowledge and celebrate the strength, courage and tenacity of millions of refugees forced to flee their homes because of war, conflict, and persecution.

The theme for World Refugee Day 2017 is We Stand Together #WithRefugees

The theme is aimed at drawing global public attention to the millions of refugees worldwide.


Here is a few more details about the situation in East Africa, where I was based around 2010/12.

From the UNHCR in Nairobi:

Kenya is one of the countries at the centre of the refugee and displacement crisis. 

Kenya hosts nearly ½ a million refugees (490,656). 

Most live in Dadaab in the north east (246,517). It’s one of the world’s most populous refugee camps, where some refugees have lived for decades. 

Followed by Kakuma (176,872) in the northwest, which has seen a large influx of refugees from South Sudan, which has one of the highest number of persons fleeing globally, after the Syrian refugee crisis. 

There are also (67,267) refugees living in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. Women and children represent 79% of the total population of refugees in Kenya.   86% of the refugees live in camps and 14% live in urban areas.

The majority of the refugees and asylum seekers in Kenya originate from Somalia (62%). Other major nationalities are South Sudanese (21%), Congolese (6%); Ethiopians (5.6%). Persons of concern from other nationalities including Sudan, Rwanda, Eritrea, Burundi, Uganda and others make up about 5% of the total population.

The Government of Kenya, through its agency the Refugee Affairs Secretariat, takes the lead in refugee management, in collaboration with UNHCR and partners.

For more information: http://www.unhcr.org/ke/


More about the #WithRefugees Campaign:

In a world where violence forces thousands of families to flee for their lives each day, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, believes now is the time to show world leaders that the global public stands #WithRefugees and that concrete solutions need to be found to the global refugee crisis.
To demonstrate this solidarity and encourage governments into action, UNHCR launched the #WithRefugees campaign and petition in 2016. On June 20th, World Refugee Day, UNHCR commemorates the strength, courage, and perseverance of millions of families forced to flee their homes. This year, World Refugee Day is also a key opportunity for the public to express their support by signing the petition.

Your signature will encourage decision makers to:
  • Ensure every refugee child gets an education.
  • Ensure every refugee family has somewhere safe to live.
  • Ensure every refugee can work or learn new skills to support their families.
The campaign continues until a global compact for refugees is adopted in 2018. Add your name to show the world you stand #WithRefugees.



Join our #WithRefugees campaign 
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For more on the situation in Europe, here again is my recent article about the role of France:

Refugees welcome?

After the closure of the Calais migrant camp, French charities call for more state help with accommodation

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