UK: Demonstration scheduled in London on June 24th for democracy

News just coming in from Make Votes Matter:

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Join us outside Parliament for this national demonstration and action summit to demand and plan the end of our rigged, undemocratic voting system: #SaveOurDemocracy

Until everyone has a vote that counts, until seats match votes, and until governments represent the majority instead of a minority, the UK cannot be said to have real democracy. 

The coalition Theresa May is cobbling together received just 43% of the vote. It's clear that the only coalition May objects to is the one that she has no part in - the one the majority of the British electorate voted for,

This gathering will be a major demonstration to demand fair votes - with high profile speakers from across the political spectrum. It will also be an action summit - bringing together people from across the UK to form a concrete plan to make 2017 the last General Election held under a broken system; to #SaveOurDemocracy.

Like all of our demonstrations, this will be a positive, family-friendly event. We want this to be the biggest rally for democracy the UK has seen since women won the vote - so please invite everyone you know!

You can also sign up on our website: www.makevotesmatter.org.uk/local-meetings/ge2017-demo

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