Chris Ofili - interview and more

Probably my favourite living painter...
Loved that Tate exhibition, a few years ago, so much.

Andrew Graham-Dixon interviews Chris Ofili

Published on 22 May 2010

Andrew Graham-Dixon interviews Chris Ofili about his painting and exhibition at the Tate.


Chris' recent work at the National Gallery:

Chris Ofili: Weaving Magic at The National Gallery

- on The Art Channel

Published on 11 May 2017

Collaborating with a team of weavers from the Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh, Turner Prize winner Chris Ofili has designed a tapestry for the Clothworkers Hall which is being shown at the National Gallery within a room lined with murals. Inspired by the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and its folklore, the artist blends together multiple and eclectic references to the Garden of Eden, Old Master painting, cocktails and the Italian football star Mario Balotelli in a vibrant collaboration between artist and weavers. Josh and Grace visit the show and speak to Dr Gabriele Finaldi, the Director of the National Gallery, who explains how Ofili's contemporary art responds to and complements the permanent collection of European painting.
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Very recent documentary:

 Chris Ofili, The Caged Bird's Song,

 BBC Documentary 2017

Published on 16 Jul 2017

Alan Yentob follows the celebrated Turner Prize-winning British artist Chris Ofili as he creates a spectacular contemporary tapestry - The Caged Bird's Song. Nearly three years in the making, it is a triumph of craft and dedication, transforming Ofili's free-flowing watercolour paintings into vibrant wool on a giant scale. Made with a team of master weavers in Edinburgh, the piece, over seven metres wide and three metres tall, draws together the sights and sounds of tropical Trinidad, where Ofili lives. Imagine explores Ofili's passion for his adopted island home and its inspiration on his creative practice, and reveals the final tapestry as it is installed in an exhibition at the National Gallery in London.

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