In Sam Shepard's words

 Sunday is a day for daydreaming, reading and taking notes. I mean, for me, but if it is not for you, I highly recommend it!

And on Sundays, I receive this newsletter I love about literature, full of witty and deep quotes from different books, and mainly correspondance letters.

Do people still do that? Write to each other? Well, you can guess I love to write letters, or since 2000, emails, of course. In 1999, I used to write letters to my best friend, from my new flat in la Goutte D'Or, Paris 18e, to her parents' house in the suburbs, though we saw each other at least once a week :). I know, I'm the reincarnation of a Jane Austen's character in the 21st century...

But the thing is that when you write down what you think, you give it so much power. It's like a ritual, it is literally like putting your thoughts and feelings in this timeline and setting them free to the universe!


Here is today's letter, shared by this newsletter I like. It is by Sam Shepard, of course, who sadly passed away this week. Playwright, screenwriter, author, actor and director, Shepard was also a music lover, friends of many brilliant musicians, including Charles Mingus Jr and Patti Smith.

Sam Shepard is mostly known from the public for co-writing the screenplay for Wim Wenders’s amazingly powerful film Paris, Texas.

The letter comes from his correspondance with his 50-year friend, Johnny Dark.

     In 1982, Shepard met the actor Jessica Lange on the set of the film Frances, in which he had a supporting role. Lange earned an Academy Award nomination and won Shepard’s heart — the two entered into an immediate and intense romance that effected, as Shepard wrote to Dark, mutual awakening. On St. Patrick’s Day the following year, shortly after the premiere of his play Fool for Love, Shepard moved into Lange’s cabin in Northern Minnesota near Bob Dylan’s birthplace, which he described to Dark as “a town right out of Kerouac.”

      In a letter penned twelve days later, Shepard writes from the thralls of something far deeper and more powerful than infatuation:

 "I love this woman in a way I can’t describe & a feeling of belonging to each other that reaches across all the pain. It’s as though we’ve answered something in each other that was almost forgotten. I look back on that whole ten years in California & I see myself hunting desperately for something I wasn’t finding. I know the Work point of view is the only true one. That life is inside. That nothing outside can ever finally answer our yearning. I know that’s true but, in some way, finding Jessie has reached something inside me. A part of me feels brand new — re-awakened."

Shepard and Lange’s daughter, Hannah, was born three years later, followed by a son, Walker. The couple remained together for the nearly three decades.


Just an illustration...

Well, do I need to add anything?

Have a good day...

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