Karl Marx - 1818 / 2018

On May 5th, 2018, Karl Marx would have been 200 years old.
Today, I had the pleasure to learn that the British Library, in London, is organising a special event.
The British Library was an important place in the life of Karl Marx. Exiled in London from 1848, he researched a lot of his work in that building and later wrote most of the Capital.  
The Library will be presenting an exhibition and hosting a series of events on Marx from May 2018 to mark the commemoration of his work and writing.
As part of this season, they may plan an event, which will particularly look at the way Marx has been portrayed in writing, film and on stage... 
Among participants are expected Jason Barker, director and producer of the 2011 film Marx Reloaded (and author of the forthcoming novel Marx Returns) and playwrights Richard Bean and/or Clive Coleman, who wrote the play Young Marx


           Exciting news !
           More soon.


More on our film, The Young Karl Marx, that I still hope will find a distribution in the UK around that time (- Come on, England, you need it!):

We also leant today that Raoul Peck's film will be released on April 29, 2018 in Japan, in a forty cinema, under the title: "Marx · Engels".

As a reminder: in the United States, the release date is confirmed for February 23rd.



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