3D: About painting and art's worth

To be honest I don’t really keep my paintings, I either give them away or paint over them. When I go into a gallery and look at the works of serious artists I do feel awestruck. I’ve always felt like more of a chancer. But I’m digging seeing all the work in one place.’

Robert Del Naja, aka 3D, Thursday 23 May 2013, in Metro

Fire Sale, Lazarides Gallery, 11 Rathbone Place, tomorrow until Jun 20.www.lazinc.com

Massive Attack v Adam Curtis, The Manchester International Festival, Jul 4 to 13. www.mif.co.uk 

For his Fire Sale at Lazarides Gallery, Del Naja has reworked imagery drawn from more than two decades of Massive Attack history – characterised by distinct symbols such as the instantly recognisable flames from the Blue Lines album cover (which he also has tattooed on his arm, below), as well as ghostly painted figures. Yet Del Naja has never been one to particularly value his output.

How to Sneak a Bomb into a Gallery 2008

In Baghdad 2013

Patriot 2013

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