About Naples...

Naples is a very superstitious place. Southern Italians are very warm, honest people, they distrust the north, the industrialists. And living in the shadow of Vesuvius, the fact it could erupt any second while people seem to build higher and higher up the mountain, they also have this attitude to life that’s ‘enjoy it while it lasts’

If it erupts, so be it. Enjoy what you’ve got. 

They’re not afraid of celebrating life and death and acknowledging it, like we are in Britain. Where again, in order to subscribe to this happy lifestyle you can’t really deal with deathDeath is old people’s homes and funeral parlours, wills and testaments. You can’t celebrate it, you can’t acknowledge it. 

Whereas in Italy it’s the opposite. It’s not tribal, but there’s more honour and love and dignity with regard to getting old. It’s a more honest way of living.”

Robert Del Naja,
in Jack Magazine, while touring in Naples, Sept. 2003


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