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Tour the underground art scene

Certain stations on the city’s underground system act as a forum for rising artistic talents – yours to peruse for the price of a metro ticket.
The best place to start is Piazza Dante, which features some works by big international names including Joseph Kosuth’s 15 metres (49 feet) long neon rendition of a quotation from Dante’s Il Convivio, entitled Queste cose visibili (‘These visible things’); Jannis Kounellis’s untitled piece in which train tracks bisect the wall, crushing toy trains and abandoned shoes as they go; Michelangelo Pistoletto’s signature mirror pieces: an outline of the Mediterranean sea, Intermediterraneo, and finally, there are Nicola de Maria’s gloriously vibrant mosaics.


La Pignasecca

Naples' oldest street market is a multisensory escapade into a world of wriggling seafood, fragrant delis and clued-up casalinghe (homemakers) on the hunt for perfect produce. Fresh produce aside, the market's streetside stalls flog everything from discounted perfume and linen to Neapolitan hip-hop CDs and oh-so-snug nonna slippers.

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Piazza Bellini

One of the best spots to chill with a spritz is this free-spirited, bar-lined square. Featuring excavated ruins from the city's 4th-century Greek city walls, it's the classic go-to for bohemians and best experienced in the evening when it heaves with uni students, left-leaning crowds and a healthy dose of flirtatious glances. Generally speaking, bars at the western end of the square attract the bulk of locals, while those on the eastern side draw the out-of-town crowds.

Metro: Dante

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Parco Floridiana


Santa Chiara di Napoli 


King Robert from the Bible of Naples


Brush up on the contemporary art scene

With the opening of two impressive contemporary art museums – the Palazzo delle Arti Napoli (PAN), which describes itself as a 'centre for arts and documentation' has hosted more off-the-wall shows including a selection of Lou Reed's snapshots and Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donna Regina Napoli (MADre), which houses site-specific installations by international artists Jeff Koons, Richard Serra and Anish Kapoor – and the increasing international presence of its commercial galleries, Naples has once again emerged as one of the cultural capitals of the world.

More soon.

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