Paris, Mid-Summer

Meanwhile, in Europe, we still have freedom and democracy, or have we not?

It seems to me we still have the right to choose our leaders and to not suffer in utter violence or poverty. So we could be a little more helpful with the ones coming to our shores in despair...

And the least we could do is stop complaining, enjoy our freedom and the beauty around us.

After a week inside my flat spent writing, I took a few hours to walk out this weekend, enjoy my beautiful city and the days of summer, in Paris, mid-August.

Place de la République:

A simple butcher, rue du Faubourg du Temple:

Graffiti, along the Canal:

Favourite art bookstore in the neighbourhood:

With good advice:

And a Bansky's book...

The quote reads: "You won't get any quote from us to write down on the cover of your book",  London City Police's spokesperson.

Home, Paris 18, last word:

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