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An insider's guide to Mogadishu: 'There's no life without peace'

After decades of war Mogadishu is tentatively relaxing. From sourdough pancakes to traditional bum-shaking Niiko dance and political hip-hop, Sadia Ahmed speaks for the delights of Somalia’s capital

In five words

Liido beach, canjeero (a sourdough pancake), hurrud (a saffron facemask) and frankincense.

Best local artist

Aden Affei’s paintings hold testimony to Somalia’s history
There’s something beautiful about seeing a city and society on the mend. Mogadishu artist Aden Affei’s paintings are a reflection of untold stories of our present and our recent past. Affei was part of project supported by the Centre For Research and Dialogue in which a group of artists were selected to teach child soldiers basic skills in painting. Aden has amassed an incredible body of work and his paintings bear witness to Somalia’s struggles and debates. He deserves an international audience.

What’s the big talking point in your city right now?

The election of 2016 and whether women can hold the top job or not. For the first time we have two female candidates a female candidate, Fadumo Dayib, is putting her name forward for the highest office. This has sparked heated debate about women’s role in society and whether a woman can become president? Leading this debate is SOMGEM; the Somali Gender Equity Movement.

Best street art?


Tom and Jerry entice shoppers in the streets of Mogadishu

Mogadishu is an open gallery. Every shop, restaurant and market stalls use painters to make murals of the products they are selling. It is effective an effective sales tactic … even Tom and Jerry look like happy customers.


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Pinterest Aden Affei’s paintings bear witness to Somalia’s past and present. Photograph: Fatuma Abdulahi

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