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 Beautiful praise from Jean-Michel Jarre about the sound of Bristol and 3D's work in Massive Attack, as he explains how the two of them have worked together on the recent track, 'Watching You'.

Here is the link:

Jean-Michel Jarre with 3D (Massive Attack) Track Story

Jean-Michel Jarre and 3D talk about their collaboration on Jean-Michel Jarre's upcoming album.


"It's a fact that some cities have played an important role in electronic music: it's true for New York, for Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, for Berlin, Paris, London and Bristol. Bristol as such a specific sound and gave us so many important bands such as Portishead and of obviously Massive Attack".

"Robert Del Naja being the heart of Massive Attack has that very special quality to approach sound as a very sensual organic dark soundscape, where sounds are quite separated from each other, it's very unique. For me, it was something very important that Massive Attack and 3D especially could be involved in my project".


By the way, I love Jean-Michel's accent in English ;).


And: I still wonder whose voice is featured... If anyone knows.


You can listen to the different versions of the song here: 

Jean-Michel Jarre, 3D (Massive Attack) - Watching You 

Jean-Michel Jarre, 3D (Massive Attack) - Watching You (Extended 3D Mix)

Jean-Michel Jarre, 3D (Massive Attack) - 'Watching You' (Jarre Reworked Version)

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