French Election - Proxy Votes And Registrations' Malfunction

Friends in the UK and the US, I'm working with many, many French voters who have not been able to vote yesterday. Registrations not sent for proxy vote, wrong documents, wrong name in their polling stations, many practices and details I've only covered for now when I was far away from France!
But, French media, the one I know and have contact for, at least, are reluctant to pay interest...
If any newspaper you know could be interested in the story, contact me!


Details here:

Bilingual journalist since 2004, working in Europe, America and Africa, I'm reporting in Paris, my hometown, on this election day and talked to very many people who have not been able to vote by proxy... It's becoming a serious problem. 

France has a system that allow voters about to travel or living abroad to sign a "procuration" to send someone to vote for them, in their polling station. 

But many of these documents have note been sent to the right administration, though sometimes filled months ago. 
I already have more than twenty testimonies. 

On top, many voters have discovered on the election day that they were not on the electoral roll... 
Others were registered in two different polling stations. 

Some candidates are already willing to take action! 

If you are interested in an article on the subject, feel free to contact me: 


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