'The Night James Brown Saved Boston'

Music and politics have always been linked...
Just one example:

"The Night James Brown Saved Boston"  - Documentary - Trailer:

“The Night James Brown Saved Boston” focuses on one of the most historic moments in Boston and America’s musical, social and political history. The night Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated, rioting began to tear at the fabric of America’s cities.  

So, on April 5, 1968, the night after Dr. King was shot and killed, James Brown took the stage at the Boston Garden for a concert that was televised live. The spell-binding performance enthralled the residents of Boston, and prevented the rioting that many had predicted.  

A concert that is still considered legendary forty years later, Bostonians regard it as the greatest  the city every hosted. 


This film was part of the cinema programmation at the Massive Attack Meltdown Festival in 2008.

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