Beautiful project: Sahel Calling

Sahel Calling

"Raising the voice of the silenced." Sahel Calling is a film about human rights and the musicians who defend them, despite the risks.

What is Sahel Calling?

Sahel Calling is a film project to raise awareness about the refugees, internally-displaced persons and the people living in the conflict-affected areas of Mali and the Sahel.
The project is inspired by the musicians in the region who are risking their lives by singing and speaking about the humanitarian crisis and the violation of human rights.
We need your support to bring our film crew to Mali and West Africa to make a documentary which will bring much needed attention to the humanitarian crisis and human rights violations; music has been banned, cultural artifacts destroyed, families are being separated, children are being recruited into armed combat, and a long list of human rights violations occur every day...and we want the world to know!
To appeal to a global and diverse audience, and as not to completely depress our viewers, the film will focus on the incredibly brave and promising work that local musicians are doing to raise awareness and assist the refugees, internally displaced persons and people living in the conflict-affected areas in Mali and the Sahel.
The film MUST be made in February 2013, for this is when a group of musicians will create a “Caravan of Peace of Unity” across the region which Sahel Calling will help broadcast to the world.
All of the film team members have intimate connections to Mali and the Sahel -- this project is personal for us.
Donate, and spread the teaser video, so that we can get the documentary started before more lives are lost or ruined, and before more voices are silenced.


More on the website in French and English:

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