With this French operation against Shababs, can't we fear the Somali islamists will claim a newfound strengh while Somalia was calming down?

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Folie d'intervenir cette nuit en après le vendredi ?!

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Interesting to note the difference in points of view from French experts and others...

From the Horn of Africa:

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Interesting to see how the use this episode -which may have been a trap they laid for the - to purge internal dissent. 

If hostage rescue seemed imminent, the would most likely execute him. 

I don't think it is the most efficient way. Take last night as an example.


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No. Unlike "capture/kill" mission where you have + options, a rescue op by unexp foreigners in Shabaab's town? Very,v hard. 

No. Unlike "capture/kill" mission where you have + options, a rescue op by unexp foreigners in Shabaab's town? Very,v hard.


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Al Shabaab () says France shows "distinct imprudence when it comes to dealing with hostages"

Al Shabaab () statement on French raid in that France says led to death of hostage and two soldiers


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How on earth do the French expect to operate in Mali if they can't free a single hostage in Somalia.

French debacle is direct result of light-footed policy. You either get involved big or not at all. No 3rd way.


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Le but n'est pas de ne pas prendre de risques, ms de prendre des risques calculés.

Exactement. Les ops 'clean' n'existent que ds les films Sinon la friction, l'ennemi have a vote 

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et aussi une question de principe. C'était risqué mais la DGSE voulait tenter le tout pour le tout. 

une opération de la dernière chance. Négociations bloquées depuis des mois. 

Je ne dirai ps cela Op risquée pour plusieurs raisons Ms risque inhérent à la guerre, à la vie  


  une opération qui semble très mal maîtrisée, non? 

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je n en suis pas certaine, regardons de l autre côté les Shebab sont des adversaires solides et expérimentés.


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French Soldiers Killed in Somalia Commando Raid


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Confusion autour de l'intervention pour libérer un otage français en Somalie

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